quickly find subtitles

Quickly find subtitles

One of the goals of this system is to find subtitles for users as quickly as possible and the user should be able to find the subtitle with just a few clicks.

fixed unreadable subtitles

Fixed problem with unwanted subtitles

You can be assured that the subtitles that are taken from this site do not have this problem and you can also correct if you have illegible subtitle. You can refer to the following page for more information.


Subtitle Scheduling

The subtitle may not be synchronized with your movie file. This system allows you to synchronize and download your movie easily. You can even play your movie file with subtitles here.


The most appropriate subtitle

Based on swarm and artificial intelligence this site tries to provide a proper subtitle that is suited to film for users to prevent users distraction on watching movies. You can also be effective in improving subtitles.


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