quickly find subtitle

How to find subtitles quickly

Finding the right subtitle for a movie that has a different release type waste our time then it may not be translated properly. this website tries to make it easier and faster to achieve the best subtitle.


We have provided three ways to quickly find subtitles

how to sync subtitles

Best schedule for the subtitle

For quick access to the best timing, we suggest you to use one of the above methods to give you a synced subtitle for your movie, also you can find it using movie release type.

Create new schedule

You can create a new timing for your subtitle and simply move the handles you see in the image below, and you can also play the desired file with the subtitle and ensure it is synchronized.

how to edit subtitles

How to edit subtitles

It is very common that the subtitle you are using is full of errors and not properly translated. You can modify and apply changes to your own subtitle or subtitles that others will use.

quickly find subtitles

Edit Process

Edits are made by users or automatically, but edits need users to approve them and make sure subtitles are improving. You can see a list of subtitles that have been edited and need your approval in the following link

quickly find subtitles

Refer To Subtitle Movies

To create a link to a movie's subtitle, just add the movie's link to the following Url https://subask.com?url= so users can access the movie-relevant subtitle with just few clicks. Example: https://subask.com?url=example.com/movie/movie-name.xvid.1080.mkv